Be a Hero in Our World.
Get Outdoors in Yours.

Introducing MarchQuest: The Real-World Role-Playing Game.

Walk or Run through the real-world to be the Hero of MarchQuest. Every step you take unlocks immersive story and gameplay on your iPhone.

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How MarchQuest Works

Getting fit has never been such an adventure.

  • 'There and back again'

    Walk, Hike or Run anywhere you want. You can even use a treadmill. MarchQuest works at your pace and on your agenda.

  • Your Soundtrack to Your Adventure

    MarchQuest uses your music. The music that inspires you to get out and move.

  • Quest on Your Time

    Each Quest lasts between 30 & 60 minutes. Season One of MarchQuest contains 20 Episodes, that's over 10 hours of exercise and content!

  • A Seamless Experience

    You won’t need to have your iPhone out while you get fit. You’ll discover lore and hear compelling narrative about the vast fantasy world around you.

Made with Love by Gamers...

When we decided to get fit we asked ourselves: “Why are most fitness games simply not fun?” In answering that question MarchQuest was born. It was so awesome, we decided to share it with the world. MarchQuest combines RPG-style storytelling and a real-world fitness regimen that will keep you moving but also keep you immersed.

Choices That Matter

Experience an emotional story where the decisions you make shape your experience and how the characters you meet feel about you.

Support for Apple Health

MarchQuest integrates with Apple's Health app so that your fitness data is secure in one place.


MarchQuest utilizes your real-world fitness data to generate experience points that level you up, just like a role-playing game.

It’s all about STORY

From fully voiced, animated dialogue scenes to compelling lore on the run, we built MarchQuest around STORY.

Fitness Tracking

MarchQuest tracks distance, pace, steps and calories burned so you can keep track of your progress in-game.

Mapping in Both Worlds

MarchQuest tracks your progress and experience across the vast fantasy world of Vale AND in the Real World at the same time.