What is the Apple Health app, and how does it work with MarchQuest?
Launched with iOS8, the Apple Health app organizes and stores the health and fitness data captured from your phone and other activity trackers all in one place. It also lets you control which of your apps can access this useful information.

When you share your Health app information with MarchQuest, the MarchQuest app will use your available data (DOB, Sex, Steps and Weight) to give you richer activity tracking, personalized insights and more. Additionally, MarchQuest utilizes your data to generate experience points that level you up, just like a role-playing game.

How does MarchQuest track steps?
If you’re using an iPhone 6s, 6 or 5s, your phone can automatically track your steps and store this data in the Apple Health app. You can then allow this information to be automatically shared with MarchQuest.

How do I manage my MarchQuest settings for the Apple Health app?
Open Apple’s Health app and navigate to the Sources screen. Then tap on the MarchQuest app icon. Follow the on-screen instructions within the Apple Health app.

How frequently will MarchQuest update my step data?
If you’re tracking steps using your iPhone 6s, 6 or 5s, the MarchQuest app will access your step data whenever you launch the app. In addition, when the MarchQuest app is running in the background it will update steps from Apple Health on a frequent basis.